Candle FAQ

Got questions on how we make our 100% Soy Candles?! 

*What kind of wax do we use?

We use 100% soy wax! We don't use wax blends of any kind. We don't work with Paraffin wax. Parrafin wax creates highly toxic benzene and toluene when burned (both are known carcinogens). The toxins released from parraffin candles are the same as those found in diesel fuel. WE USE 100% SOY WAX-much healthier for us and the environment! :)   

* What wicks do we use?

We use 100% lead free cotton core wicks and wooden wicks. We don't use lead wicks in our candles. There are a lot of candles that are made with lead wicks. Lead vaporizes into the air when its burned and toxins are inhaled. Cotton and wooden wicks are natural and much healthier for YOU and the enviroment! Using cotton and wooden wicks in our candles leads to not only a cleaner, great smelling candle but your candle will last a long time!     

*What type of fragrance oils do we use? 

We source our fragrance oils from the best suppliers! Our oils are free from toxins, carcinogens and are all phthalate free!   

*Are soy candles as strong as larger familiar brands? 

Soy wax can take a little longer to produce it's full scent throw because it does not have all those unhealthy chemicals to push it out in minutes but once your soy candle reaches it's full melt pool the scent is amazing and fills the room for hours and hours! Scent even lingers for hours after you blow it out!  

*Do you make your candles in house? 

YES! We make every candle in house from blending our soy wax with the perfect percentage of oils, wicking our jars, pouring candles, designing our own labels, making our own stone vessals to designing our web-site! Every component of what we do is made/done in house!  

*Will my candle soot?

Keep in mind that the completely soot free flame is a natural gas flame. Candle flames, wood burning fire places and flames in general all have incomplete combustion which produces soot. This is natural. The good news is it's not the toxic carbon soot that you'll find in petroleum based candles. If you have soot on any of our candles it is harmless soot similar to what you'd find from cooking oils and is not considered a health concern. It is easily removable with a wipe!  

*Keeping your Wicks Trimmed to prevent soot and a high flame? 

Always keep your wicks trimmed!! Before every burn, trim the mushrooming off of the end of your wick with wick trimmers or scissors. Just make sure to only trim what is needed and never trim it less than 1/4 inch! *Note don't trim your wick too short as that will lead to a lighter scent throw, low flame and will burn too slow. *If you do trim too short by accident no worries just keep your candle burning for about ten minutes then dump out some melted wax, blow out and relight your candle!